Huge Greenhouse Blowout!

We are cleaning out the greenhouses!  ALL 4″ annuals, 6″ annuals, annual flats, vegetable plants, 10″ hanging baskets, 12″ hanging baskets are $20 per CART LOAD!  That’s right-fill up the blue double decker cart as full as you can get it and it is JUST $20!  And we still have lots of nice stuff!!  So go ahead and plant up that last bed that you have without flowers.  OR how about planting a few pots for the neighbor next door–spread some kindness!!

We are picking our own sweet corn everyday!  Homegrown pickles, zucchini, blueberries and more!  Kentucky tomatoes are coming in!  Southern Indiana Cantaloupes–sweet as sugar-READY NOW!

We will start our FREE CORN Saturdays tomorrow!  So if you haven’t tasted the difference in JOHNSON’S corn stop on out tomorrow and eat an ear on us!  Trust me–you won’t be disappointed!!!

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