Are You Ready For Spring?

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and while the temperature outside may not be cooperating, one walk through our greenhouses tells a different tale! Our plants are growing fast, and we can’t wait to share our slice of spring with you next week!

We are especially excited for our new variety of Lemon Slice Superbells. These bright beauties are covered with hundreds of flowers from early spring all the way through those first light frosts. Low maintenance and heat tolerant, these flowers are sure to capture your attention!


Come See Us Next Week! Opening day will be Friday March 29th, 2013 – 8:00 AM.


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We Are Planting!

We have started up our greenhouses and we are working very hard on the combination baskets that we are famous are!  The displays in the market are better than ever!  We can’t wait for you to see them.  We plan on opening around April 1st depending on the weather…we will keep you posted!

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Fall is in the air!

We have all of our Fall decor up and are picking pumpkins!  The Mums are in! And we have lots of different varieties of apples and more arriving daily!  The Honeycrisp just came in yesterday!  They are so juicy and delicious!  Lots of the spring giftware that is left is marked down to 50% off!  Our Raspberry and Blackberry patch is open everyday for UPICK!  We still have canning tomatoes and peppers by the bushel!  

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Canning Special!

It is that time of year again!  Canning time!  Canning tomatoes $13.99 Bushel!

Peppers!  Gypsy, hot banana, sweet banana, bell peppers all fresh picked!  Just $14.99 Bushel!  Half Bushel Price $9.99

Freezer Corn $ 12.99 Per Bag!  FRESH PICKED!

We are cleaning up all of our plant inventory! All roses 50% off!  All Trees 50% off!  All 4.5″ perennials just $1 each.  All Hostas Buy one get one free!!  AND MORE!


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Huge Greenhouse Blowout!

We are cleaning out the greenhouses!  ALL 4″ annuals, 6″ annuals, annual flats, vegetable plants, 10″ hanging baskets, 12″ hanging baskets are $20 per CART LOAD!  That’s right-fill up the blue double decker cart as full as you can get it and it is JUST $20!  And we still have lots of nice stuff!!  So go ahead and plant up that last bed that you have without flowers.  OR how about planting a few pots for the neighbor next door–spread some kindness!!

We are picking our own sweet corn everyday!  Homegrown pickles, zucchini, blueberries and more!  Kentucky tomatoes are coming in!  Southern Indiana Cantaloupes–sweet as sugar-READY NOW!

We will start our FREE CORN Saturdays tomorrow!  So if you haven’t tasted the difference in JOHNSON’S corn stop on out tomorrow and eat an ear on us!  Trust me–you won’t be disappointed!!!

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Sweet Corn

Fresh Bi-color Sweet corn is now ready!  And it really is the BEST corn in town.  Taste the difference!  My kids will only eat Johnson’s corn…teach your kids how corn is supposed to taste!  Did you know that the sugar in corn starts to break down and turn to starch as soon as it is picked?  That is why our corn is picked 2 times everyday!

We have our own homegrown BLUEBERRIES that are picked fresh everyday!

Zucchini is picked daily!

Fresh picked green beans only 99 cents per pound!

Indiana Cantaloupes ready now and sweet as sugar!

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